Managing disparate data across global manufacturing networks makes capturing, analyzing and sharing process data complex. While process data can be managed manually and with spreadsheets, this approach is error-prone, labor intensive, doesn’t scale and creates long lead times for data sharing and analysis. Traditional enterprise systems are not designed for sharing data across both internal and external teams. Further, they are expensive and time- consuming to deploy.

Skyland PIMS® cloud-based, data collaboration platform provides a quick-to-implement, low-cost and high-value solution without the need for enterprise IT infrastructure. PIMS™ provides significant benefits to life science manufacturers of all sizes by cohering paper, spreadsheets and digital data throughout the product lifecycle and across internal and external networks. Let’s look at the savings realized with Skyland PIMS.


PIMS is the data hub where teams can rapidly create and manage process definitions, establish visibility into the status of all batches and manage specification and target control limits. Skyland PIMS transforms this data into shared, actionable insights by generating charts, reports and alerts that provide improved understanding and control of process and product performance. PIMS breaks down data silos and ensures data integrity among internal teams as well as external partners throughout the development and production supply chain.


  • Saves time and money
  • 3-hour deployment
  • Easy to use
  • Centralized database
  • Controlled and secured access
  • Accelerated reporting
  • Validatable/Part 11 compliant
  • Controls for data integrity
  • Automated review/approval workflows
  • Full audit trail
  • Cloud-based
  • Data sharing across sites and manufacturing partners
  • Managed by process experts/ scientists
  • Built for integration with other applications


  • 92% decrease in CPV monitoring costs
  • 80% decrease in APQR support costs
  • 83% increase in productivity vs spreadsheets
  • 67% decrease in investigation costs
  • 72% TCO savings vs enterprise systems
  • 53% decrease in data capture costs
  • 80% validation time savings
  • 75% decrease in compliance costs
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