As we enter the peak of the pandemic, the vital importance of biotech and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing has been brought into sharp focus. The industry’s race to develop vaccines and therapeutic treatments has resulted in quick wins and the rapid development of proofs of concept. But the reliance on spreadsheets and disparate digital systems as well as external partners for process development and manufacturing operations mean challenges remain ahead to meet production timelines and quality standards.

Here to Help

The Skyland team understands these challenges and wants to help you maintain momentum as you move from R&D into clinical and commercial development by providing complimentary Skyland PIMS® licenses for products addressing COVID-19.

Skyland PIMS cloud-based data collaboration platform was designed to provide secure, multi-team (sponsor-CMO) data sharing and transparency in order to speed tech transfer, investigational analytics, compliance reporting and batch release. PIMS™ serves as the product-process data hub across the supply chain throughout the product lifecycle filling data gaps that may exist between R&D and commercial manufacturing and QA.

Getting Started

Unique to Skyland PIMS, the system is deployed in hours, set up in a day and requires minimal IT resources and (online) training. If you would like more information on how Skyland PIMS can modernize your process and product data management, accelerate time to market and streamline CPV plan preparation, contact us at or 720.773.8802.