Founded in 2015, Skyland Analytics helps life science companies – and their CMOs – streamline product, process and patient data management by offering cloud-based software solutions that ensure Part 11-compliant data transparency and integrity throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain.

Skyland PIMS® is the first purpose-built, easily validatable manufacturing informatics solution for product, process, patient and batch data management, analytics and CPV reporting. PIMS™ workspace is licensed by drug product with unlimited user seats, thereby improving visibility, productivity and collaboration throughout internal and external operating teams.

Our core team developed the very first informatics and data analytics software for drug manufacturers, BIOVIA’S Discoverant, and now brings new functionality to the cloud. With deep expertise in manufacturing, IT systems, data analytics, product quality and manufacturing intellectual property, Skyland is uniquely positioned to support emerging and global companies seeking to enhance product quality and process analysis, and manage data across global manufacturing networks.

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Skyland has developed multiple software products that meet the precise requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers and the FDA’s standards for the design, testing and documentation of software.